ASPRON can count on many years’ professional experience in the different markets we cover, thereby providing the necessary local perspective to help achieve the client’s identified objectives by means of a wide range of services adaptable to their particular needs.



Commercial Introduction


A comprehensive consultancy service aimed at those companies that wish to expand into a new country and market as a first export experience by presenting their offer to potential clients. This service comprises two parts:


Part I


This includes market research with the identification of potential clients, distribution channels, main national and international competition and specific business opportunities. All of this is aimed at achieving an initial view of the market’s response to our client’s offer.


Part II


This includes direct telephone contact with local companies already identified in Part 1, visits to those who have shown interest, presentation of products, fixing commercial terms, presentation of conclusions to our client and preparation of a visit to the country in question to meet with potential clients.




Commercial follow-up of contacts


This service is aimed at companies that already have some prior knowledge and experience of the market in question and possess a number of clients or potential contacts that would benefit from a more thorough follow-up. Assessment of the current contacts, improvement and consolidation of commercial relations, timely communication, sending of samples, first orders, minimum quantities, prices, negotiations, commercial agreements, methods of payment to reduce risk, follow-up of specific commercial operations, etc.




Participation in trade fairs, shows and events


Complete support to the client in the preparation and participation in trade fairs, shows and events, in the stages both prior to and during the event. This includes mailshots with a personal invitation to contacts of interest and a follow-up after the event.




Market research trip


This consists of the preparation of an agenda of meetings with local companies that match the defined profile requested by the client. This service will include a period of follow-up of the contacts made during the client’s visit to that country.


This service is the equivalent of an individual trade mission and will consist of a number of working days during which a variable number of prearranged meetings will be held. This includes personalised assessment, accompaniment to the meetings and simultaneous translation where necessary.




Direct trade mission


The office will prepare an agenda of meetings with local companies that correspond to the defined profile of the companies participating in the direct trade mission.


The duration of this trade mission will be fixed beforehand and the number of meetings to be held will vary depending on the characteristics of each country. This service includes hotel reservations, travel logistics, presentation of individual agendas in both Spanish and the local language with a profile of the local companies, maps of the country and contact with translators for simultaneous translation where necessary. The costs of any translator to be met by the company requesting this service.




Reverse trade mission


The office will carry out a thorough search to identify a specific number of local companies that correspond to the profile determined by the organisation contracting the service. This service includes individual assessment, coordination, accompaniment and supervision of the group from the beginning to the end of the trade mission, as well as interpreting in the local language where necessary. A questionnaire will be sent to all the local companies participating, the results of which will be forwarded to the organising body for their records and reference.




Inspection of goods


This service consists of a visit by personnel of ASPRON to the manufacturer of the products in question so as to be able to carry out an inspection (quantitative, visual and documentary) of those goods before being loaded in a container. An inspection certificate will be issued to the client, signed by ASPRON together with a photographic record of the inspected goods.


This service includes assessment in relations with the supplier, methods of payment to reduce risk and tracking of the commercial operation until the goods are loaded.




Preparation of a working agenda


Our offices will prepare an agenda of meetings with the companies supplied by the client, helping to establish communication and direct negotiations with them. This service includes assessment, accompaniment to the meetings and simultaneous translation when required.


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