ASPRON has a presence in the following countries: United Kingdom, Taiwan, Brazil, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan. From our own offices in these countries, we are able to fully cover these markets, providing the following:

 Permanent infrastructure and own personnel.


 Prime location within the country.


 Fluency in both Spanish and the local language.


 Personal and flexible support.



Anita Vera is widely experienced consultant in international trade and directs ASPRON’s office in Brazil, one of the BRIC's countries and potentially one of the most important economies in the world. Its political stability, commitment to large infrastructure projects and investments related to the hosting of the football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games of 2016 and its strategic value within the Latin- American commercial block have made Brazil the main focus of interest in the area.


Modernising the country is creating a huge number of business opportunities in a range of sectors including construction, engineering, infrastructure projects and management of the environment.


Our office, located in Sao Paulo since 2000, has helped many companies to achieve their commercial objectives in the above sectors as well as in many others that create a demand in this country:

 Food, drinks and canned food


 Agricultural technology


 Capital goods




 Civil construction

Director: Anita Vera Bliska


Av. São Luis, 43/501 - São Paulo/SP

CEP 01046-001 Brazil

T / F: (+5511)32596843



Language: Portuguese

Area: 8.514.876,599 km²

Capital: Brasília

Population: 196.655.014

Currency: Real

GDP: 1.851.115 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita: 10.195€




Our office in Spain coordinate and supervise the activity of our different international offices and their relations with those companies, institutions and organisations that use our services. This allows our clients to count on a permanent interlocutor in Spain and ensures a personal, close and high quality service.


Alongside this commercial work of our offices allow the permanent contact with the official institutions and organisations that represent Spanish companies internationally, collaborating on numerous occasions with the different promotional activities that they undertake in the countries in which we have a presence. We are also up to date with any business opportunity or activity that might be of interest to our clients.

Contact Spain




T: +34 650 227 681



Language: Spanish

Area: 504.750 km²

Capital: Madrid

Population:  46.100.000

Currency: Euro €

GDP: 1.095.263 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita: 24.019€




From our office situated in the very centre of Prague, we can provide a comprehensive service covering the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria.


Our Central European office, with Dusan Popelka at its head, has extensive and proven experience of international trade. Since opening in 1994 it has helped a great many companies, institutions and organisations to achieve their objectives of internationalisation which have determined their subsequent success.


Although the office has dealt with a wide range of sectors, special note of certain sectors and sub

sectors should be made:

 Food, drinks and canned food


 Agricultural technology


 Capital goods



Area Manager: Dusan Popelka


Zborovská 62 (Info)

CZ - 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic

T / F: +420 257 310 842



Czech Republic




Language: Czech

Area: 78.867 km²

Capital: Prague

Population: 10.177.300

Currency: Czech crown

GDP: 145.108 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita  13.797€

Language: Slovakian

Area: 48.845 km²

Capital: Bratislava

Population: 5.389.180

Currency: Euro

GDP: 69.058 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita 14.197€

Language: Slovenian

Area: 20.273 Km2

Capital: Liubliana

Population: 2.054.741

Currency: Euro

GDP: 39.530 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita 19.765€

Language: German

Area: 83.871 km2

Capital: Vienna

Population: 8,217,280

Currency: Euro

GDP: 301.018 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita 36.633€



Based in Manchester, one of the leading commercial locations in Europe, Adrian Jones is in charge of our UK office. He has worked closely with Spanish companies since 2001 and his involvement has been instrumental in helping them to achieve their commercial objectives, irrespective of the sector in which they are involved.


Our UK office has worked successfully with a number of sectors and products including:



  Food (fresh and organic produce, spices, olive oil, etc )


 Furniture                                                         Tourism


 Traditional crafts                                             Residential property              


 Natural stone, marble                                    Transport


 Clothes and accessories                                Printing, graphic arts


 Balloons                                                          Animal Feed


 Aluminium                                                       Wine



The office has considerable experience in the organisation of trade missions, direct as well as reverse, in a number of sectors including: Residential property, furniture, pottery, cheese, wine, organics, gourmet foods and has also participated in numerous trade fairs accompanying companies, individually or as a group.

Director: Adrian Jones


1 Midland Road, Bramhall,

Stockport, Cheshire SK7 3DY

T / F: 44 (0)161 440 9380



Language: English

Area : 243,610 km²

Capital: London

Population: 62,262,000

Currency: Pound Sterling

GDP:  1.798.910 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita: 30.984€



Roman Aseev runs ASPRON’s office in Moscow. Russia is a key market for Spanish companies for a number of reasons: its size and high growth potential, strong demand for imports and the pressing need to modernise its productive infrastructure. This explains why many companies and institutions are keen to explore the possibilities of gaining a presence in this country.


Our office in Russia has worked with many different sectors and helped its clients to enter or consolidate its activities in this market, whether this be in commercial matters or investments:













 Renewable energies




 Transport infrastructure



Director: Roman Aseev


Donskaya 33, 96


T: 7 495 955 0635



Language: Russian

Area: 17 075 400 km²

Capital: Moscow

Population: 141.930.000

Currency: Ruble

GDP: 1.176.630 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita: 13.352€



Jesus Garcia is the director of our office in Taipei. He is an expert on the country, its people and special customs and one of the most recognised European consultants in Taiwan which is at present without doubt the centre of operations of the Asian market. High production costs with a high technological value is their main strength against the competition of neighbouring countries like China, Vietnam or the Philippines which emphasise low production costs over product quality. The principal objective of the Taiwanese government is to attract foreign investment and it is encouraging this with significant aid.


Since 1994 our office in Taiwan has accumulated extensive experience in assisting the commercial flows between companies in different productive sectors:



 Raw materials


 Industrial products and capital goods


 Natural stone


 Chemical products


 Food and drinks





Due to our excellent relations with different local and regional institutions there have arisen a number of important alliances between these and official organisations in Spain, from which a considerable number of companies have been able to benefit in the last 20 years.

Director: Jesús García


9 Fl., No. 126, Sec. 4, ChengDe

Road 11167 - Taipei, TAIWAN, R.O.C

T: +886-2-2885 4206



Language: Mandarin Chinese, English (co-official)

Market: Taiwan

Area: 35.980 km²

Capital: Taipei

Population: 23.113.901

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar

GDP: 370.823 (Millions of €)

GDP per capita: 16.465 €



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